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2017 Monthly Clinic Series

Fitness Concepts is proud to announce its Monthly Clinic Series. World-renowned coach Ken Mierke will provide lectures each month on seasonal topics related to improving your experience in triathlon. Athletes can sign up for each event individually or for the entire series for a much lower cost. Registration is available at in the Seminars & Clinics section. Seating is limited for each event, so register early.

January 14 – Workout Intensity: Training by Heart Rate, Pace, and Power: (no charge)

February 11 – Lean for a Lifetime: An Athlete’s Guide to Losing the Last 10 Pounds – includes lecture and 200-page booklet ($149)

February 25 – Evolution Running: Run Faster and Farther Without Injury – Includes lectures, short video analysis, hands-on instruction, and Evolution Running DVD ($149)

March 11 – Accelerating Workout Recovery: Optimize Workout Quality by Recovering Faster from Hard Workouts (no charge)

March 11 – Nutrition for Endurance Athletes: Learn how to optimally fuel your body for triathlon races. Learn to balance macromolecules (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) with water and electrolytes to prevent bonking, avoid stomach upset, and keep you strong all the way to the finish line (no charge).

March 18 – Climbing Faster: Technique and Training to Maximize Power, Endurance and Efficiency – Lecture and hands-on pedal-stroke technique on Kickr Power Trainers ($79)

April 8 – Evolution Swimming: Techniques for Speed and Efficiency – Includes lectures, underwater video analysis, drills, and individual feedback ($149)

May 26-29 – Lake Placid Training Camp: Camp runs from mid-day Friday May 26th to mid-day Memorial Day, Monday May 29th. Learn about climbing efficiently on the bike, letting off the brakes running down-hill, efficient swim mechanics, using your springs running up-hill, open water swimming, race nutrition, and many other topics. Train on the Lake Placid Ironman course and swim in Mirror Lake. VO2 Max testing available. ($199)

June 17 – Open-Water Swimming: Taking Your Pool-Swimming Fitness Into the Lake – Includes lecture and open-water practice at Lake Barcroft in Falls Church, Va ($79)

August 12 – Incremental Advantages: Twenty Little Things That Make a Big Difference (no charge)

September 9 – Sports Psychology: Stronger Minds for Stronger Performances: Gaining the Mental Edge to Maximize Workout Energy and Race Performance (no charge)

October 21 – Off-Season Training: Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever (no charge)

November 11 – Strength Training for Running, Cycling, and Triathlon: Building Muscles for Endurance, not Bodybuilding – Includes lectures and hands-on instruction in weight room. ($59)