Triathlon Station Training


Join us for Triathlon Station Training, group workouts designed to increase strength, endurance, efficiency, and injury resistance.  Take advantage of the resources and knowledge of a world class coach and the energy of the group to improve specific area.  Each athlete will rotate through the set of 15 stations, which include the following:


  • Cycling on PowerCranks on Kickr Power Trainers
    • High cadence, low wattage segments to increase hip-flexor up-stroke endurance
    • Low cadence, high wattage segments to increase down-stroke endurance and power
    • Moderate cadence, moderate wattage to increase lactate threshold
  • Running on Treadmill Stations to increase strength and improve technique
    • Running into severe headwind (4 fans 36” diameter and ¾ horsepower)
    • Running barefoot to overload the muscles in the feet/calves and improve technique
    • Running with a weight vest improves technique, strengthens muscles and connective tissues, and prevents injuries
  • Lower Body Strength
    • Evolution Squats for Glutes
    • Leg extensions for Quadriceps
    • Leg curls for Hamstrings
    • Back extensions on hyperextension machine for low back muscles
  • Swim Strength & Endurance
    • Sets on Vasa Swim Bench to improve catch and pull
    • Rotator cuff strength sets to improve catch and reduce injuries
    • Strength set for Latissimus Doris muscles
  • Core & Calf Station
    • Sets of planks
    • Dumbell torso rotations
    • Calf raises for Gastrocnemius and Soleus
    • DB Deadlifts for lower back


Coming soon. Email us at for dates and times or with any questions.